Episode 11 Announcement

The week’s podcast is a high profile, lady of mystery that finds herself on two sides of the “war to the end all wars”. She criss-crossed the battle lines, hoping from bed to bed indulging in pillow talk with high profile, powerful figures, including the French minister of war. Mata Hari, an exotic South East Asian mystery, that was a fiction of a European woman who got herself in to hot water, and lost her life because of supposed carnal appetites. But did she really indirectly cause the death of thousands of men?

Episode 10 announcement

Our 10th episode will take us back to a less historical case: in 1907, Jean-Théodore Monget, an insurance company employee with a quiet life and a family, disappears without a trace whilst running an errand for his employer. The police considers all possibilities: suicide, voluntary disappearance, accident. Or is it murder?

Episode 9 announcement

Our 9th episode next weeknd will take us back to the 15th century when Gilles de Rais, a rich nobleman from Britany, is accused of having killed 140 children “or more”.

Episode 8 announcement

Our 8th episode, researched by Melanie, looks at the vanishing on the 16th September 1890 of one of the most important, but not very well known, people in the history of cinema : Louis Le Prince, the inventor of the movie camera.