Episode 10: Murder at Langon

Our 10th episode takes us to a small town South of Bordeaux called Langon. In 1907, Jean-Théodore Monget, an insurance company employee with a quiet life and a family, disappears without a trace whilst running an errand for his employer. The police considers all possibilities: suicide, voluntary disappearance, accident. Or is it murder?

Cafe de la gare at Langon
Cafe de la gare – the basement. The cross indicates the door to the basement the murderers used
Langon: le sentier des amoureux
Henriette Courreges
Henriette Courreges
Henriette Courrege followed by a crowd
Henriette Courreges
Henriette Courreges at the tribunal
Eugene Branchery on a postcard
Lucia Branchery on a postcard
Henri Parrot on a postcard
Joseph Gasol on a postcard
Jean Lacampagne
The search for the body – the rock from where the body was dumped – postcard
The search for the body – reenactment – postcard
The search for the body – postcard
The search for the body in the river – postcard
The diver – postcard
The diver – postcard
Departure of Branchery and Parrot for the Guyana prison – postcard
Departure for the Guyana prison – postcard
The prisoners in Guyana, 1908
Visions from the prison p244-245
Visions from the prison p246

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