Episode 12: Joseph Vacher

Episode 12 takes us to the South-East of France, where some murders occur without even a suspect being identified. The murders are particularly gruesome, with what appears to be ritualistic mutilations. One instructing judge will have a stroke of genius and develop the first profile to catch the killer.

Drawing of Vacher at the army
Louise Barant
Beaufort, the town where Vacher was born
Example of press article on Vacher
Another example of press article
Joseph Vacher before his trial with his white hat. Extract of a photo taken by judge Fourquet to circulate around the country
Map drawn by the village teacher for the police showing one of the crime scenes. It shows body parts being spread around the countryside.
Another crime scene (crosses)
Engraving showing Vacher’s activities
Photo taken by the instructing judge
The judge Fourquet
Vacher talking with the instructing judge

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