Episode 22: The Disappearance of Philippe de Dieuleveult

In 1985, a TV game show runner, Philippe de Dieuleveult, the Anneka Rice of France, goes on a raft expedition in Africa. He never comes back and his disappearance is surrounded in mystery and intrigue.

Philippe de Dieuleveult in his Treasure Hunt outfit
Philippe de Dieuleveult in his Treasure Hunt outfit. He invented the orange outfit by asking his mum to die trousers he had
The route of the Africa-Raft expedition
Members of the expedition in front of one of the rafts
Photo taken on the 18th May 1985 as the members of the expedition were testing a prototype of the rafts. Philippe is at the far right
The rapids near Inga
Atonga, one of the witnesses
Okito Bene-Bene, who wrote the book relating what happened

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