Episode 57: The Geronimo Affair

Tommy Recco, aka Geronimo, is very unlucky: he tends to be surrounded by murders. This is an affair that takes over 20 years to be resolved.

Episode 57: The Geronimo Affair
Tommy Recco at his arrest
Tommy Recco during his trial
Press front page
Yet another parole appeal denied
Tommy Recco today

2 Replies to “Episode 57: The Geronimo Affair”

  1. Salut Melanie and Cedric,
    How fantastic that you have reached Episode 57 of Crime Most French! Congratulations.
    I look forward to each new release. It seems a bit morbid to say that, but I really find them so interesting and engaging. I put on my earphones and head off for a walk with my dog and get lost in the stories. Love your accents and the way the tale unfolds. I often go back and review what I might have missed. Looking forward to you reaching Episode 100!

    1. Thank you for the very kind words, Debbi! I’m so glad you’re still enjoying the podcast. As I’m typing to you Cedric is looking for our next case to record.

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