Episode 68: The treasure of Abbot Sauniere

At the end of the 19th century, a small village priest becomes famous for spending large amounts of money he can’t possibly own. To this day, mystery surrounds the origin of his fortune.

Abbot Beranger Sauniere
Marie Denarnaud, Sauniere’s servant
Abbot Alfred Sauniere
The devil under the stoup
Sauniere at his church. He was publishing postcards, usually with himself in the pictures
Sauniere in front of his church
The knight slab
Reproduction of the Knight slab in the press
Inside the church
Inside the church
The greenhouse that became the chapel
The glass tower/greenhouse and the ramparts
Tower Magdalena at the other end of the ramparts
Aerial view of the domain
Sauniere’s grave on his domain

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