Episode 81: The robbery of the century

On the weekend of the 17th-18th July 1976, a gang robs the Societe Generale’s bank vault in what would become to be known as the robbery of the century.

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Albert Spaggiari
The Societe Generale in Nice
(FILES) This file photo dated July 20, 1976 shows a dotted line on the map of the southern French city of Nice and showing the path a gang, allegedly led by Albert Spaggiari, had taken through the sewers for the burglary of the Societe Generale’s vault.
Photo taken on the 20th July 1976 of one of the tunnels.
Inside the vault
Guns and disguises found at Spaggiari’s place
Spaggiari wearing one of his disguises
Spaggiari after his death, taken away for an autopsy

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