Episode 29: The Truphème Affair

On the 28th February 1928, in a ditch along a forest road, is found the body of Gaston Truphème, jewellery dealer, wrapped in a blanket and on fire. Legendary affair with a someone that will become a legendary fictional character.

The Truphème Affair
Gaston Trupheme’s body in a ditch
Reenactment of the murder
Reenactment of the murder
Car taking Mestorino away with a crowd there to lynch him
Crowd trying to lynch the murderer
Film crew
Charles Mestorino
The crowd in front of Mestorino’s villa
Mestorino’s house
Mestorino after his 20 hour interrogation
Mestorino’s car
The garage owner whi was working on Mestorino’s car
Suzanne and her lawyer
Suzanne during her testimony
The evidence

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