Episode 30: The Fualdès Affair

On the 20 March 1817, a lifeless body is found on the banks of the Aveyron river near Rodez. The throat was cut, making an obvious murder. The victim is well known: it’s Bernardin Fualdès, a retired prosecutor. This affair is one of the most infamous of the 19th century and will be followed avidly all over Europe, marking the start of true crime, crime magazines, and the crime-obsessed press.

The Fualdès Affair
The Bancal house
Fualdès kidnapped ain the street and led to the Bancal house
The accused
Madame Manson arrives in Albi
Inside the Bancal house
Bastide, the tall man with a gun ahead of the cart carryingthe body
The Fualdes house
The murder in the kitchen
The Bancal family
Fausion and Bastide, who aledgedly ordered the murder
Bastide and Jausion
The co-conspirators
The trial
Sentenced to death
Newspaper front page

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