Episode 6 announcement

Episode 6 will take us to Britany for one of the most famous murder stories in recent French history: the Seznec affair where Guillaume Seznec is accused of having killed Pierre Quéméneur, his business partner, and hidden his body.

Seznec, left, the accused, and Quéméneur, right, the victim.

Episode 5 announcement

Our 5th episode will take us to Paris where an infamous gang, “la bande à Bonnot”, aka Bonnot’s gang, murders and pillages the streets of Paris for a couple of years.

The gang is significant because they are the first ones to use cars in their crimes.

Episode 4 announcement

For that episode, we look at an infamous case in France: the Landru affair. Landru is considered the first French serial killer and is synonymous of pure Evil. Everybody has heard of it, but not many know what it really is about.